Who are we?

We're disruptive. We're passionate. We're here to change the way you read. Information is meant to be free, but authors need to be compensated. We give information its wings by giving back to the authors using ad revenue.

"Not giving students open access means they’re tested on their CONNECTIONS and STATUS, not their ability to learn."

Kemal Ahmed, Co-Founder

So what does this actually mean?

YouTube changed videos. Spotify changed music. It's time for someone to take back books. But we're more than that. We're tools that help you publish your awesome stuff. We're micro-communities for each category of content. We're a community governed by a blockchain-backed discussion platform.

Not Amazon, not OneClass, not Scribd, not any of the game-changers could balance free and paying the authors. We're the ones to do it. We're the students in your class you copied your notes off of even though you took them yourself. Most of the people we know are published researchers.

Our growing community is constantly helping us achive the way we read.Thounsands of users are already using our old platform to share and gain infromation. We're taking this to another level through Communote and welcoming you to join our community backed by students, teachers and like minded professionals.

Meet our small but growing team

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Kemal Ahmed


An aspiring entrepreneur with deep roots in technology, Kemal has dabbed around with all aspects of Technology. Kemal is a Graduate of the B.Eng Engineering (Software) program from McMaster University, and one of Canada’s The Next 36 highest potential young entrepreneurs. A technological visionary, Kemal has a raw ability to innovate, which has been refined over years of experience in School and working with a wide range of industries and clients. He now endeavors to make the revolutionary benefits of allowing the availability of information for free to students, teachers and like minded individuals around the globe.

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Rajat Arora


Rajat acts as a developer for Communote and helps overlook the development of making information available for free to everyone. His background is in Computer Science, having designed, built, and tested various applications throughout the years. He is a graduate of the BASc Honours Computer Science program at McMaster University and an active member of the GTA Tech Community. Rajat enjoys all aspects of technology and also strives for an internet filled with free information.

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